Questions of consequence:
1. What are we going to do about the o-zone deteriorating?
2. What can we do to keep Florida's coastline from rising? (Maybe more Ozone effects)
3.When will you withdraw our troops?
4. What will you do for hurt soldiers? (ex: missing legs, arms etc)
5. How will you reduce the need for gas?
6. Will you allow offshore drilling in Florida?
7. WIll that hurt the tourist industry?
8. How can we attract more people to the state if the price of gas is increasing?
9. How will we ever pay China back for all the money we have borrowed?
10. WHat will you do to help Florida's diminishing economy?
Questions of value:
11. What are your views on gay marriage?
12. What are your religious views?
13. Should women receive equal pay as men?
14. How do you feel about the FCAT and it's effects on children learning? (teachers spend so much time teaching it, kids don't know anything else but how to take the FCAT)
Questions of Policy:
16. Describe your foreign policy
17. Would you try to discard many hostilities we hold with other countries?
18. How would you deal with illegal aliens?
Questions of Fact
19. Many people are killed from gang violence or related hate crimes, would you create new gun laws that make it difficult to purchase or own onw?
20. Many children are uneducated due to a lack of motivation, would you help create programs to help them learn and eventually get a nice paying job?

Interview with McCain

In an interview last week on National Public Radio, Barack Obama was asked about his proposal for a "windfall profits" profits tax on oil companies. To her credit, the interviewer prefaced her question by noting that nearly all economists from across the political spectrum oppose the idea. Taxing oil company profits won't make gas any cheaper — it'll likely make it more expensive in the long run by discouraging exploration — and it won't speed the development of alternative energy sources. Obama's answer was pure demagoguery, pitting senior citizens and working class families against oil companies, who he says are reaping profits "hand over fist."
Obama's opponent John McCain has smartly opposed a tax on oil company profits — and Obama has promptly attacked him for it.
But McCain isn't much better. McCain has proposed an equally ridiculous "gas tax holiday," which will also do almost nothing to provide relief at the pump. Obama has smartly opposed the idea — and McCain has promptly attacked him for it.
Economic ignorance is nothing new in politics. Neither is the idea that a candidate would perpetuate economic idiocy he knows to be false because it plays into the narrative he's pitching to the voters. But no issue seems to prompt more jaw-dropping sophistry and anti-capitalist demagoguery than gas prices

yeah right

The story

For my research I checked around the internet for both sides of the presidential story. I just started, but i'll post some things I've found.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama seized on a record oil company profit to argue that rival John McCain offers only tax breaks for “Big Oil” and “short-term gimmicks” to consumers struggling with soaring gasoline prices.
The Illinois senator quickly incorporated news of Exxon Mobil’s nearly $12 billion quarterly profit into his remarks at a town hall meeting here.
“No U.S. corporation ever made that much in a quarter,” Obama said. “But while Big Oil is making record profits, you are paying record prices at the pump and our economy is leaving working people behind.”
McCain’s response, Obama said, is to propose a corporate tax plan that would give “$4 billion each year to the oil companies, including $1.2 billion for Exxon Mobil alone” and a gas tax holiday that Obama said would only “pad oil company profits and save you — at best — half a tank of gas” over an entire summer.
In recent days, Obama has complained that McCain is offering little of substance to voters and does little more than attack.
“All those negative ads he’s running won’t do a thing to lower your gas prices or lift up the debate in this country,” Obama said.


My experience with Obama

I went to see Obama during the summer of 08, it was great. He spoke about so many things, school upgrades, the black community, the economy, it was really a great experience. It was even nice seeing the Uhuru's in person, i've seen them at some other debates causing a ruckus, and at the Obama speech a few were almost escourted out, the security guards had to stand all around them. It was just a whole bunch of yelling and then they didn't listen to what Obama was even saying to him, which seemed kinda pointless to me



I know I keep posting things from other sites, but I just want to show where I get some of my information. fter I do a bit more research i'll do a bost with my personal views!

McCain- oh no

What in the world

McCain Supports Efforts to Ban Gay Marriage
The GOP candidate speaks out against same-sex unions in California
By Justin Ewers
Posted June 27, 2008
SAN FRANCISCO—After several weeks of silence on the issue of same-sex marriage, Sen. John McCain has made it official. The presumptive Republican nominee for president has endorsed efforts to ban gay marriage in California.

McCain sent this short statement to the Protect Marriage campaign, one of the conservative groups spearheading an effort to amend the state Constitution in November and define marriage as between a man and a woman:
"I support the efforts of the people of California to recognize marriage as a unique institution between a man and a woman, just as we did in my home state of Arizona. I do not believe judges should be making these decisions."
McCain's stance on same-sex marriage comes as no surprise to political analysts, since he has never varied widely from the mainstream of the Republican Party on the issue. While McCain voted against a federal constitutional amendment supported by President Bush in 2004, he has said he thinks states should be able to determine their own approaches to marriage—and he has repeatedly said the matter should be left to voters, not judges, to decide. In 2006, McCain supported a failed initiative in Arizona, his home state, that would have amended the state Constitution and banned same-sex marriage. Another effort to place a constitutional ban on the Arizona ballot this fall was defeated in the state Senate this week.
Many experts believe the timing of McCain's announcement is no accident. Earlier this week, James Dobson, the founder of the conservative group Focus on the Family, railed against both Barack Obama and McCain on his radio show, saying he was disappointed that the likely Republican nominee, in particular, had not been muscular enough on an issue that is dear to the hearts of evangelical Christians.
Most of Dobson's ire was directed at Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, who Dobson said was "deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own world view." Still, Dobson had harsh words for McCain as well, complaining that the Arizona senator has not done enough in his home state to convince voters to ban same-sex marriage. "That is very disappointing," Dobson said. Neither candidate, Dobson declared, "give[s] a hoot about the family."
Obama, who does not support gay marriage but believes same-sex couples should be allowed to enter into civil unions, has not yet taken a position on the California initiative.

Gay Marriage and Obama

I thought this was interesting, i'll search for McCain after.

Watch this, it's from a debate: