Questions of consequence:
1. What are we going to do about the o-zone deteriorating?
2. What can we do to keep Florida's coastline from rising? (Maybe more Ozone effects)
3.When will you withdraw our troops?
4. What will you do for hurt soldiers? (ex: missing legs, arms etc)
5. How will you reduce the need for gas?
6. Will you allow offshore drilling in Florida?
7. WIll that hurt the tourist industry?
8. How can we attract more people to the state if the price of gas is increasing?
9. How will we ever pay China back for all the money we have borrowed?
10. WHat will you do to help Florida's diminishing economy?
Questions of value:
11. What are your views on gay marriage?
12. What are your religious views?
13. Should women receive equal pay as men?
14. How do you feel about the FCAT and it's effects on children learning? (teachers spend so much time teaching it, kids don't know anything else but how to take the FCAT)
Questions of Policy:
16. Describe your foreign policy
17. Would you try to discard many hostilities we hold with other countries?
18. How would you deal with illegal aliens?
Questions of Fact
19. Many people are killed from gang violence or related hate crimes, would you create new gun laws that make it difficult to purchase or own onw?
20. Many children are uneducated due to a lack of motivation, would you help create programs to help them learn and eventually get a nice paying job?

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