1. What are three invention strategies that you use?
The first strategy I use is listing, I write down little words that remind me of ideas that pop into my head. The next one that I use is freewriting, it might take a minute or two to get the thoughts flowing but once they start they just don't stop! And the third strategy I use is questioning, I ask myself many questions that help me distinguish which type of paper I will be writing and about which information.

2.Why are invention strategies important?
They are important for one main reason, to help us write more easily! It might take a little practice to start using these strategies, but after you've got the jist of them you'll be using them for all of your writings! It speeds up the process and also makes for a better paper.

3.How can you incorporate invention strategies into your I-Search and Writing to Explore assignments?
Well, we can incorporate these strategies into those assignments in many ways. We can practice the strategies that we are most comfortable with, then begin to use them while working on the paper. We can enhance those skills in another assignment, then carry them over to the I-Search and Writing to Explore papers.

4.What revision strategies do you use?
After writing a paper, I read and re-read, and read once more what I have written. I circle the sentences that I may not need, then I jot down notes in the margines for facts that i'd like to add into the story.
5.Why are these strategies important?
These are important because it helps us make a better paper. We can catch the mistakes and also create a better quality paper if we just revise it!
6.How can you incorporate them into your work?
I do incorporate into my work! When doing an assignment I only put in what is necessary and take out the rest. I like to revise assignments until they tickle my fancy.

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