Writer's Workshop

I think this is right, I got a little confused for this assignment.

* What are the purposes of your two Writing to Explore assignments?
The writing to explore assignments are used to increase our knowledge about a certain subject, and also help us establish new writing techniques that we can use from here on out.

* Who is your audience for your I-Search project? Who is the audience for your Profile of a Local Agency?
The audience for my I-Search paper is mainly myself, but my peers are welcome to read it as well. The audience for the Profile assignment is the agency itself, and also the general public who may be interested in it.

* What is the rhetorical situation for your I-Search paper? What elements does it include? The Local agency profile?
My I-Search paper includes all of the rhetorical devices including rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, reading, and writing, the processes, and also conventions. The profile also includes these same devices. This writing assignment is exciting!

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